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Are you looking to tell him or her how sorry you are? We have composed the best 100+ cute apology images to a lover and we have added sweet romantic apology messages to make your saying sorry as romantic as it could get.

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These apology messages to a lover are perfect to make him or her know that you truly felt remorseful over the misunderstanding that took place between you and you are ready to move the relationship forward.

We have also added romantic sorry messages to make your apology complete. These apology images can be sent via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and to make it more romantic, use these forgive me pictures as your desktop wallpapers.

1. I thought our relationship was not going to have any form of diseases because it was already vaccinated. Until virus called misunderstanding affect it, but from now henceforth I will use the right precaution so that this won’t occur again, am so sorry the love of my life for hurting you this much.

 2. Do not be angry with me because with tongue and teeth fighting is the mouth that will suffer, but I know you will just be angry for a little while. For I know that I have hurt you so much, please forgive me and let take our love to the next level.

3. Take your time and get the anger off your chest, I will wait for as long as you will be mine. I adore you so much, am so sorry for hurting you.

4. Don’t be too angry because when you get angry you will not look good, you know I always want you to look good the love of my life. please forgive me my angel.

5. I know I have inflected a very big wound in your heart, but I want you to cure it with the love that existed between us. I am really sorry for causing pain in you. – Cute Apology Messages to a Lover

6. My heart has been so bleeding since the day we had this misunderstanding, please mend the heart by forgiving me. I love you.

7. I am so sorry for being jealous, its just that I was afraid of losing you, I just realised that it was just mere coincidence. You meant the world to me. Please forgive me, my angel.

8. With a heavy heart I am saying I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me and forget the past and let us think of a brighter future and a healthy love await us.

9. I apologize to you unconditionally, my love you are the apple of my heart, the sunshine in my life, I cherish you a lot please forgive me sweetie.

10. I know in this past few days, I have shown the other part of me which I left behind ever since we met, please my love don’t look at it this way. I want you to know that your love is what has kept me going and its still does, am so sorry my love. – Apology letter to Girlfriend

11. When one is angry, it always end up in regret, I have hurt you I know, I have realised now that life without you is incomplete, I am deeply sorry for making your face wrinkle because of me.

12. I have just lost your trust by making us go through the worst days of our life, I should’ve believed in you, but now I know that I have wronged you so much. Please forgive me.

13. I am so selfish that have only made myself happy without knowing that I have hurt you this much, please forgive me, I am so angry with myself right now. I love you so much.

14. Please why don’t you over your happiness in an attempt to make me happy, I just realize that my happiness lies in yours. I am honestly sorry my love.

15. I believe in love and fate they both work together, which is why I know you will accept my apology. Forgive me queen of my heart. – Romantic Sorry Letter for Girlfriend

16. I took your smile, laughter, good times we shared together, your weakness, and your pure heart that loved me unconditionally for granted. I honestly regret it right now, and I am saying am sorry for making you go through a lot just for me.


17. I am sorry that I forgot our day, the day we became one. In my heart I always had it but I almost forgot to say and to make it a day, I am apologizing for not making it real.

18. Every day I spend with you will always be like the first day I fall in love with you, now that you are angry with me my day is always like not complete. Please forgive me and let us continue the way we were before, sorry I am indeed.

19. I am so sorry for giving you that attitude earlier today, I know what I did was bad and un call for but I promise that it won’t happen again. Please let unite again the love of my life.

20. If your love was a drug I will use it so that you won’t leave, if your love was my eternal I will love you for eternal. I am sorry I can’t do without you, my angel. –  Apology Letter to Boyfriend After Fight

21. Please forgive me I don’t know what to do, please forgive me I can’t stop loving you, don’t deny me the word I say is through. Please forgive me I need you like I do.

22. I am not saying am sorry because I have wronged you but I am saying sorry because our relationship is more important than my ego. I adore you so much.

23. I am so sorry I the only thing you will see on my DP all on the wall of my Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and others. Until you forgive me I won’t delete it.

24. Heartbreak, regret are the two things that drive me crazy, I am sorry for letting things get out of hand. I promise never to let you down. I love you do much my queen please forgive me.

25. I didn’t just believe all this happen, but one thing you should know that I love you with all of my heart that I can’t not hurt you intentionally. I cherish you a lot. forgive me. – Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

26. I can’t believe I actually created distance between us when all I ever wanted is for us to always be together. Please accept my apology, my heartthrob.

27. I know I am not perfect, but you should forgive me because am your second half. Please let go of the misunderstanding and let us unite again. Am sorry my queen.

28. Just like I love you, the value always remains the same as am sorry, I will say it even if it takes the whole day for you to accept my apology. I am so sorry the apple of my eyes.

29. I know I have hurt you big time but I want you to think of the quality time we shared together as one. I still love it you know, please I am so sorry for giving you a headache.

30. I want you always remember that we are one, that our heart is united for real, that I always want to be with you. I love you so much, I am sorry my love.

31. I can’t even think right my mind is not here, I have been down since I know that I have hurt you please find a place in your heart to forgive me for my heart won’t know peace if you don’t forgive me. my angel.

32. Happiness lies with your happiness, I have committed a crime by hurting your heart. please release me and forgive me because with you, my happiness lies. I love you.

33. Am sorry is an underestimate, but the fact is that I don’t even know what to say to you but my love I appreciate you now even more and more. Forgive me my queen.

34. Let by gone be by gone, and let continue with our love story, please don’t let our enemies laugh at us that they have make us distance. Please accept my apology.

35. I thought I will be better alone, I never know I was making the fastest mistake of the century. I Have hurt you my love please forgive me.

36. My heart refused to believe that we are apart, now I realise how painful it is to make you feel so bad, I took your love for granted, but now I believe you. I love you please forgive me.

37. Being my love I know you have the right to be angry, but don’t for that I too am affected. I want to pamper you now and always for you are my baby. Forgive me.

38. I promise to make it right this time that I won’t hurt you again, I will make sure to make you always happy and protected. Am sorry the love of my life.

39. You make me feel happy, when I look around I can’t see you or reach make my heart heavy and unhealthy. I love you a lot please forgive me.

40. Is not that I don’t care or love you, but I don’t know what came over me. I cherish what we have and what we have shared together. Please forgive me and forget. My sweetheart.

41. Being sorry is the first the first step of repentance, I want you to have it in mind that my love for you is real and has no limit. Please forgive me with all your heart, my love.

42. I accept the blame that I hurt you immensely, I have made the other part of me suffer for no reason, please I am apologising to you to please forgive and forget all that had happened.

43. Sorry is all I have to say, please forgive me I have hurt you and I wish you could find a place and throw the past away and let us continue to fight for the future with joy, laughter and love full of excitement.

44. I betray your trust and made life difficult for us, but now I have come to realise that having you in my life is all that matters to me. Baby please forgive me.

45. I promise that I will never do it again, all I want to see you smile and be happy, I love you so much that I can’t stay one day without hearing your voice. Please am so sorry.

46. To err is human and to forgive is divine, I know I have offended you and I wish to apologise Please forgive me my queen.

47. Ever since I broke your heart mine has been bleeding, I may have lost your trust but I want to gain everything back. I know that love is powerful and I want to say I am so sorry for hurting you.

48. Love is magical that how I feel, my love please let synchronise again and be one as we use to. I love you my damsel. Forgive me.

9. I know that I don’t look good whenever am angry so also you too, but I want to end that by saying am so sorry for making your face look that way it won’t happen again. Please accept my apology.

50. My sweetheart, the only one that makes me feel good, the one that admires everything I do, the one that gives me joy and happiness. Please don’t take this joy from me, please accept my apology. I’m sorry.

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